About TMR

Brief History

The Mentor Ring was established as a company limited by guarantee with charitable objectives in December 2010, and established as a registered charity in November 2012.

The Mentor Ring’s vision is that no individual should be excluded from active participation in employment, training, education, community life or leisure and social activities because of cultural, language, physical, mental or emotional health and well-being issues or lifestyle choices; and that everyone should be able to enjoy a healthy self-esteem and reach their full potential.

We aim to build stronger and more cohesive communities by enhancing understanding between diverse sections of the community, building mutual respect and tolerance and by overcoming the barriers to social inclusion – and these principles are reflected throughout our organisation, out staff, volunteers, clients, funders and supporters, and also the way in which we conduct our business.

The Mentor Ring is a socially inclusive organisation built on the principles of respect for human rights, diversity with our society and the promotion of equality for all.

Although our origins and offices are currently located within the South Cardiff area and our original focus was on addressing the barriers to social inclusion particularly faced by local BAME communities within this locality, our aspiration is to grow our sphere of operations by degrees to become recognised Cardiff-wide, across South Wales as a whole and – in time – to become a Wales-wide mentoring service provider.

Mission Statement:

The Mentor Ring’s mission is to provide mentoring support and guidance to people of all ages and backgrounds, helping them to overcome significant barriers to social inclusion. We help individuals and communities to tackle their personal challenges – whether it is in health & wellbeing, education, training, employment or settling in the UK.

We provide specialist mentoring support with parenting, bereavement, relationships, drugs and alcohol misuse, youth offending, mental health, cultural differences and school truancy.

We also organise and coordinate a wide range of physical activities, craft and art workshops, personal development and training courses, primarily for the purpose of social cohesion.

Our mission is to offer advice, guidance and support to socially and economically disadvantaged people through individual and group mentoring. We aim to provide a service that caters for the whole person by raising standards, confidence and self-esteem – thus creating opportunities and choices that will help individuals and their communities to realise their full potential.

This is achieved by understanding the individual’s specific needs and aspirations and agreeing goals and milestones with them that can be monitored and measured. This approach allows individuals and those who feel socially excluded in particular to take a more positive and participative role within their communities and successfully integrate into wider society.


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