Intervention Tool

We have four main programmes at TMR, which are all interlinked and work in conjunction with our current projects:

Bridge The Gap

  • This programme aims to target individuals who are unemployed, or lack skills to find employment. We aim to help them find employment opportunities by providing workshops, training or finding them volunteer work to get them started.

Become Involved

  • This programme aims to get individuals (Aged 16+) more involved in volunteer work & create life long skills that will help them in their future careers.
  • This is achieved through training, workshops and getting involved in the various projects TMR runs.


  • This programme aims to tackle issues that affect Health (Mental & Physical). It aims to help reduce the risk of mental & physical health problems like anxiety, depression or diabetes, loneliness.
  • We currently run various projects under this programme like Coffee morning and Sewing classes. These are very therapeutic projects that enable individuals get involved as well as forming a peer mentoring support group.
  • We are also planning a sports project that helps engage individuals in a physical activity. This programme also includes our Annual MEC health fair, which this years theme is ‘Diabetes’.

Catch Them Young

  • This programme aims to target children (aged between 5-17) to tackle future mental health issues. We have noticed that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) have shown the largest contributor to future mental health issues, this programme aims to find ways to prevent/reduce future issues through various projects.
  • These projects aim to get children involved in more outdoor activities, reduce isolation and most importantly steering them away from dangerous future activities like knife crime an drugs.
  • Some of the projects include Mums & children’s group and the children’s activity week to be set up during he summer holidays. We have also just started a BME Youth aspirations project, which intends to raise and improve the aspirations of disadvantaged BME young people from Cardiff.