The Mentor Ring’s Projects

Current COVID-19 Lockdown Projects

  • Coffee mornings. Held Tuesdays 10:30am via Skype. We are also combining some of these sessions with online yoga!
  • Young people’s sessions for those age 3+. Thursdays 12 – 2pm via Skype.
  • Online Salsa sessions! Every Tuesday at 2pm via Skype.

For more information please contact us or email:

International Student Outreach

In the second week of March 2020, the international students studying in the universities in Wales were shocked to hear COVID-19 declared as a as a pandemic and universities were closed down.  After the lockdown, it was hard for them to confine at home, do their courses online, not knowing when the universities will reopen.

Many of the affected international students are no longer able to support themselves through part time employment. Many Do not have their own laptop. Hardest of all, those affected don’t know how or when they will be able to get flights home.

TMR was approached for help and support. A WhatsApp group has been established to discuss any issues those affected may have. Meetings are also being advertised in this group, where members can participate via Zoom.

Please contact  if you wish to attend these meetings. We are aiming to hold meetings every Tuesday At 8pm. Meetings so far have focused on topics such as:

  • Community safety issues and employment during the pandemic
  • University fee Reduction.
  • Deferring the course.
  • Flights back to India.
  • Health and well-being issues
  • Accommodation
  • Food groceries distribution

Many 1 to 1 phone calls and messages are also continuing with regards legal support, rent, finances etc. TMR is also being asked for help with landlord issues. We are now in touch with Councillor Lynda Thorne, Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities. TMR are now also working in collaboration with the HCI (High Commission of India) UK, to help students return to India.

Mentor Matters

Mentor Matters project aims to build a pool of mentors and role models from the local community to inspire and motivate people and to offer personal one-to-one support to those most in need. The goal is to encourage individuals to improve themselves and to support them through adversities they may face for example, health, education, bereavement, family breakdown and career development.

Coffee Mornings

TMR supports vulnerable people via one-to-one or group mentoring whichever they feel comfortable, as well activities/workshops set up for the individuals which they feel they may benefit from. TMR currently runs coffee morning meet ups every Tuesday between 10.30-11.30am for individuals to talk about any issues they have amongst a group setting. They are able to engage in group discussion and share their own experiences and give their advice and how they are able to solve issues as a form of peer mentoring. Coffee morning provides a great way of Social networking and a way to build confidence amongst individuals of the group. Coffee mornings also provide Training and interactive workshops for them to develop skills and enjoy. If you would like to donate towards the running of this project through local giving click here!

Stitch In Time Sewing Classes

Sewing classes will be held every other Thursday at Cathay’s High School, 1:30 – 3pm. The next session is on Thursday February 6th.  Sessions will also be held at Butetown community centre every other Monday 12 – 2pm. The next session is January 27th.  Open to all, feel welcome to join. These classes offer a great way to meet new people in a relaxed environment. Get tutoring in new sewing skills. Get tutoring in how to use a sewing machine, design patterns. Learn to fix garments and create unique and beautiful clothing. Sewing can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve hand eye coordination, promote mental growth. Feel free to contact us for more information. If you would like to donate towards the running of this project through local giving click here!

Bridge The Gap

Need a bit of help finding a job? Do you want to gain skills, education, training or even set up your own business? The bridge the gap project can improve your chances!

029 21321073

BecoME Involved – Volunteering Project

We are committed to providing volunteering opportunities for BME community members within The Mentor Ring’s programmes of activity as well as partner organisations and local community groups. The project’s primary aim is increasing BME participation in volunteering opportunities, offer training to volunteers to enable service delivery and to support the primary goals of the volunteer.

Catch them young Mum’s and Children’s Group

Come join us for a fun time with kids and mum’s! Thursdays 4 – 5 pm, Butetown. An opportunity to meet other mum’s and kid’s. Fun activities for children to enjoy. Relaxing session for mum’s too! If you would like to donate towards the running of this project through local giving click here!

BME Youth aspirations project

This project intends to raise and improve the aspirations of disadvantaged BME young people from Cardiff. It would also increase BME young people’s motivation to succeed through introducing successful role models from professions which they may not have considered. We will show them places they may not have considered working, and offer a level of group support and peer mentoring which will hopefully improve their health and wellbeing.

Podiatry Project

We are pleased to announce our partnership working with Cardiff and Vale Podiatry Service and the Bevan Commission to bring you support and information to help you look after your feet, especially in Diabetes.
We will be giving you information on the importance of adequate foot hygiene and health, translating health materials into common locally spoken ethnic languages, and training local health champions to mentor people in the community.

To download more information on foot health education for people with diabetes click here.