What is "Mentoring"?

There is no hard and fast definition for mentoring. Generally it means pairing a learner with someone more senior and more  experienced to give them support, encouragement and guidance.

The key to mentoring is developing a one-to-one relationship, which is about personal as well as career development. A mentor should be someone you can confide in, and ask for help in resolving a situation or making a decision. Do you want to mentor?Can you spare a couple of hours a month to mentor someone?

The Mentor Ring provides one-to-one support and guidance to people of all ages and backgrounds. We help individuals and communities tackle their personal challenges – whether it is in health and well-being, education, employment, sport, or settling in the UK, we match Mentors with Mentees to support them with their needs or goals.We also run a number of exciting projects and provide training and workshops.

To be a part of this thriving charity, contact us!

National Mentoring Month Celebration of Mentorship

In honour of National Mentoring Month, let’s take a moment to reflect on the remarkable mentors who have profoundly impacted our professional journeys. Success is often a collaborative effort, and behind every achievement, there’s a mentor who has played a pivotal role.

During this National Mentoring Month, let’s not only acknowledge our accomplishments but also express our sincere appreciation to those who have made a significant impact on our lives. 🙏 

 Here’s a simple way for you to participate: 

 1️ Compile a list of mentors who have left an indelible mark on your professional growth. 

2️ Craft heartfelt thank-you notes, expressing your appreciation and outlining the specific ways they’ve influenced your journey. 

3️ Share your appreciation stories here and on social media platforms, using the hashtag #MentorMagicMonth. 

 Let’s create a wave of celebration that not only honors our mentors but also inspires others to recognize and express gratitude to those who have guided them. 

 Join the movement, share your stories, and let’s make this National Mentoring Month a joyous celebration of the extraordinary mentors who shape our success! 🚀 #MentorshipCelebration #NationalMentoringMonth 


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