What is "Mentoring"?

There is no hard and fast definition for mentoring. Generally it means pairing a learner with someone more senior and more  experienced to give them support, encouragement and guidance.

The key to mentoring is developing a one-to-one relationship, which is about personal as well as career development. A mentor should be someone you can confide in, and ask for help in resolving a situation or making a decision. Do you want to mentor?Can you spare a couple of hours a month to mentor someone?

The Mentor Ring provides one-to-one support and guidance to people of all ages and backgrounds. We help individuals and communities tackle their personal challenges – whether it is in health and well-being, education, employment, sport, or settling in the UK, we match Mentors with Mentees to support them with their needs or goals.We also run a number of exciting projects and provide training and workshops.

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