Bhunesh Napal – Yoga Sessions Feedback

“I remember my late father doing yoga every morning so this was a good motivation for me to join in with The Mentor Ring and feel connected with a new group and get to know others.

At first, I felt it was too early. Once I started, Daily yoga has given me discipline and a routine to my day. I have seen that my skin complexion prior to yoga and during lockdown was looking off colour and others reinforced this that they had noticed me looking more glowing compared to when I first started. I have also become more flexible and helped with better sleep.

Sometimes my grandchildren will also join in and enjoy the sessions with me and also get to talk to TMR team members. 

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity”


Since 2023, I’ve dedicated my time to volunteering with TMR, and it’s been an enriching experience. One of the main reasons for this is the wonderful supportive and caring staff members. TMR organizes various activities and events aimed at helping individuals grow and achieve their goals. There are many opportunities to learn, develop skills, and broaden our horizons. I often bring my daughter along to participate in the after-school activities sessions, where she enjoys interacting with other children and learning in a fun environment.  These sessions not only make her after-school time more enjoyable but also contribute to her overall knowledge and skill development. 


Louise joined us as a volunteer back in 2021.

Since joining us, she has been able to help us by writing blogs and articles to appear on our website and other social media sites. Louise believes that her self-confidence has greatly improved since she began volunteering. Being able to show off her skills in a work environment and make a difference in her own community has encouraged her to look at new career paths that she would never have considered before starting her volunteer journey. She has been able to add her experience as a volunteer to her C.V. and feels that her work at TMR has made her see how she could benefit herself and her community at the same time.

Hazel – Coffee Mornings Feedback

“I’ve been part of  TMR for a few years. It gave me the opportunity to meet people , learn things and embrace and to come part of life. Embracing coffee morning I was able to join other things at the Butetown Community Centre, see everything in the community.

I highly recommend anyone to coffee morning. This morning Japanese flower arrangement. I would like to have and do at home.

Met many people, like second home and gets me out. I get insensitive when I see today and motivate me go do the same.

The view from room helps me see another side of the square.

I look forward to meet more people more learning and first class coffee.”

Volunteering with TMR has been an incredibly rewarding experience. From the moment I joined, I felt welcomed and valued as a member of the team. The impact we make on the community is tangible and heartwarming.

Through my time with TMR, I’ve had the opportunity to work on various projects, from organising events to directly assisting those in need. Every task, no matter how small, contributes to the greater good and serves a purpose in improving the lives of others.

What sets TMR apart is its commitment to making a difference with compassion and integrity. The dedication of the staff is truly inspiring, and its been an honour to be part of such a dedicated and passionate community.

I wholeheartedly recomend volunteering with TMR anyone looking to make a meaningful impact and give back to their community. It’s not just about the work we do; it’s about the connections we make and the lives we touch along the way.