Bhunesh Napal – Yoga Sessions Feedback

“I remember my late father doing yoga every morning so this was a good motivation for me to join in with The Mentor Ring and feel connected with a new group and get to know others.

At first, I felt it was too early. Once I started, Daily yoga has given me discipline and a routine to my day. I have seen that my skin complexion prior to yoga and during lockdown was looking off colour and others reinforced this that they had noticed me looking more glowing compared to when I first started. I have also become more flexible and helped with better sleep.

Sometimes my grandchildren will also join in and enjoy the sessions with me and also get to talk to TMR team members. 

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity”

Christopher Potter

Christopher volunteers with TMR on community events and educational activities, reading poetry and teaching origami.                                                         

He’s volunteered previously with the Oxfam Festivals team and as a counselor with Hackney Victim Support. Outside of TMR he works on film sets as a Supporting Artist and in Stadiums on hospitality.

For fun, he’s a voracious reader likes rambling in nature and building Lego.


Louise joined us as a volunteer back in 2021.

Since joining us, she has been able to help us by writing blogs and articles to appear on our website and other social media sites. Louise believes that her self-confidence has greatly improved since she began volunteering. Being able to show off her skills in a work environment and make a difference in her own community has encouraged her to look at new career paths that she would never have considered before starting her volunteer journey. She has been able to add her experience as a volunteer to her C.V. and feels that her work at TMR has made her see how she could benefit herself and her community at the same time.

Hazel – Coffee Mornings Feedback

“We have a wonderful coffee morning which has continued all through the lockdown as well. Although it’s been in online, it hasn’t stopped us. We all kept connected one way or other even got that we’re talking every day I am joining courses and I am cheering everybody and we have got a long way to go for the New Year I see lots of plans.

It made a big difference for me. I came out that had a reason to come out and it’s local and in addition, I used to stop in the cafe I discovered everything in community centre courses and I was meeting some other elderly people as well and it was a really wonderful day but we’ve moved on from there we’ve expanded into another area of Cardiff and but we’re coming back here and looking forward to 2021.

The benefits for me being absolutely amazing to get my mind going and a reason to get out through the front door and a reason to get up. I have contributed quite a lot and I have been praised because I do mentoring as well and I hope we grow quite big. We should not be negative we should be positive and encourage other people before getting problems let’s discuss them have a cup of coffee, come along, please connect and I’ll see you there or online.”