• Hazel

We have a wonderful coffee morning which has continued all through the lockdown as well. Although it’s been in online, it hasn’t stopped us. We all kept connected one way or other even got that we’re talking every day I am joining courses and I am cheering everybody and we have got a long way to go for the New Year I see lots of plans. It made a big difference for me. I came out that had a reason to come out and it’s local and in addition, I used to stop in the cafe I discovered everything in community centre courses and I was meeting some other elderly people as well and it was a really wonderful day but we’ve moved on from there we’ve expanded into another area of Cardiff and but we’re coming back here and looking forward to 2021.

The benefits for me being absolutely amazing to get my mind going and a reason to get out through the front door and a reason to get up. I have contributed quite a lot and I have been praised because I do mentoring as well and I hope we grow quite big. We should not be negative we should be positive and encourage other people before getting problems let’s discuss them have a cup of coffee, come along, please connect and I’ll see you there or online bye.

  • Nojir

“I am looking after my son who has Cerebral palsy. Sometimes we feel frustrated and become depressed, losing interest in everyday life. TMR has supported us emotionally and kept in touch, providing huge solace to me and my family. TMR have helped and guided us with unfamiliar paperwork. They have been there for us during our difficult times and their support is really valuable. Lovely volunteers, thanks for looking after our well-being. We’ve also been given a chance for much needed respite. My elder son started volunteering with TMR, and the encouragement of the organization makes him continue to do more. The whole family is very happy! Mentoring support from TMR made us learn how to cope with going forward…”