Volunteering is about giving your time to a good cause. You don’t get paid, but you do get the chance to use your talents, develop new skills, and experience the satisfaction that comes from making a real difference to people’s lives, as well as your own. Volunteering is a wonderful way to make a difference in the community. You will get opportunity to meet new people and learn various cultures. TMR offers a range of volunteering opportunities for you to choose that suits you in terms of time, accessibility , interest and growth. Lots of people volunteer in our projects , giving their time to help improve the social and economic lives of the community members who are vulnerable and gain new skills, experiences.






 Volunteers and Testimonials


“It is a pleasure to drop food and facemasks to vulnerable individuals during pandemic. I’m very grateful that The Mentor Ring provided these important resources.”


Christopher volunteers with TMR on community events and educational activities, reading poetry and teaching origami.

He’s volunteered previously with the Oxfam Festivals team and as a counselor with Hackney Victim Support. Outside of TMR he works on film sets as a Supporting Artist and in Stadiums on hospitality.

For fun, he’s a voracious reader likes rambling in nature and building Lego.


Gerda is studying Education, Psychology and Special Educational Needs at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

She started dancing salsa, bachata and Kizomba in 2016. She supports TMR in group mentoring with Salsa & Bachata Dance. Dancing has many benefits, including stress relief, weight loss, improving body and mind.


Louise joined us as a volunteer back in 2021.

Since joining us, she has been able to help us by writing blogs and articles to appear on our website and other social media sites. Louise believes that her self-confidence has greatly improved since she began volunteering. Being able to show off her skills in a work environment and make a difference in her own community has encouraged her to look at new career paths that she would never have considered before starting her volunteer journey. She has been able to add her experience as a volunteer to her C.V. and feels that her work at TMR has made her see how she could benefit herself and her community at the same time.



Since January 2023, Sneha has been  a facilitator at the after school children’s activity club conducted by TMR.

This free of cost activity is held at Cardiff’s Yemini centre once in a week. Children between the age of four and twelve were engaged in different fun and educational activities.  

Sneha enjoys playing different games like word search,  hang man out, connect 4,  Lego, riddles with the children. 

“Overall, it was pleasure working with the wonderful TMR team. I made new colleagues and friends. This job helped me to boost my confidence. Furthermore, this experience helped me to secure a part time job as a lunchtime supervisor in a school. I will also recommend others to get involved in voluntary activities conducted by TMR. I wish TMR all the best for its future activities.”



“Volunteering has provided me with a wide array of skills in the UK. As a student from abroad, it has given me opportunities to interact with members of the local community. I have learnt things from others and I hope with my help, some of them may have even leant from me. My volunteer work has allowed me to assist individuals and organizations with a variety of IT-related tasks, from setting up programs to troubleshooting issues.Creating the various posters and leaflets on Canva allowed me to be creative and provided a insight into the wide range of events and activities The Mentor Ring are involved with. Apart from the office work, we were given opportunities to interact with the local community at healthy eating sessions and through supporting the badminton tournament. All in all it has been an extremely useful experience providing an insight into the behind the scenes work involved with charities.”



“Volunteering in the IT field has been an incredibly rewarding experience. As an IT volunteer, I have had the opportunity to help others with their technological needs, whether it is setting up new software or hardware, troubleshooting issues, or simply explaining how to use a program. I have found that many individuals, particularly those from older generations, struggle with technology and often feel intimidated by it. As a volunteer, it has been fulfilling to help these individuals overcome their fear and learn to use technology with confidence. Seeing someone become more independent and self-sufficient through technology is truly gratifying.

“Additionally, as an IT volunteer, I have been able to use my skills and knowledge to benefit a variety of organizations and causes. Whether it is helping a non-profit with their database management or assisting a school with their computer systems, every project feels like a contribution to a greater good. In addition to the satisfaction of helping others and contributing to meaningful causes, volunteering in IT has provided me with opportunities to learn and grow. The ever-evolving nature of technology means that there is always something new to learn, and volunteering has allowed me to stay current and expand my skillset. Overall, I would highly recommend volunteering in the IT field to anyone who has a passion for technology and a desire to help others. It is a truly impactful and fulfilling experience.”



“My volunteering began at TMR in June 2022.  It has been a huge learning curve, allowing me to gain experience, increase my confidence and made new friends. I have also grown well acquainted to the Butetown Community. Volunteeering has enabled me to gain valuable skills . I have  helped with the running of the website, posting events and learning how to use excel spreadsheets. During this short time, I have gained invaluable computer skills which I plan to be able to use in my future career.”

Neelam Profile


“It’s been 6 months I’ve been attending The Mentor Ring. I’ve enjoyed the weekly discussions at coffee morning, learnt a lot from others. I was able to share my experience and learn about other peoples points of view. I made some good friends and am still enjoying the community feel. I began to mentor, and became a volunteer. I gained a sense of achievement in that I might be helping someone. My kids were also involved in the mums and kid groups. By attending The Mentor Ring we were made aware of other groups that are running. I can actually say it’s like a mini family that meet and laugh and enjoy our conversation. Everyone brings something new, and the light hearted setting helped to forget our worries..”

Cheryl profile


I have had the honor  and pleasure to starting work as a  volunteer  with TMR  team since the mid of 2022 , because TMR  always looks forward to providing the best to serve the community  and people of all ages and backgrounds in our lovely city.



“I started volunteering for The Mentor Ring as part of my volunteering module whilst studying for my undergraduate degree. I was only required to volunteer for the Autumn term, however, have found myself still a part of the Mentor Ring family four years later!

Through TMR I have had the opportunity to meet a wide variety of interesting people, which has not only improved my self-confidence but also improved my communication skills enormously. Whilst volunteering I learnt how to communicate with individuals with communication difficulties, such as language barriers and enjoyed the excitement as I never knew who would walk through the door next.

Volunteering for The Mentor Ring also taught me how to prioritise my workload, and most importantly how to work with compassion and in a non-judgemental manner.

These are all skills that I am taking forward and have found beneficial whilst I am studying for my postgraduate degree in Adult Nursing.

Even though I no longer live in Cardiff, I am still able to help with designing leaflets in English and Welsh which is something I thoroughly enjoy, as it amazes me how many different activities The Mentor Ring can offer…”