Meet Our Team

Sujatha Thaladi


Sujatha is a postgraduate in Chemistry, with 20 years of being a qualified mentor in Cardiff. Sujatha is a big asset in the community and has been supporting vulnerable individuals in Wales for over 2 decades. She is a Regional Coordinator for Wales for the South Asian Heritage Month.

Sean Newton


With an “Always pleased to help” attitude, Sean has a sincere desire to prevent people most at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes by offering a Know Your Risk screening, education and empowerment resources and providing help and support for people most at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Black Asian and Minority Ethnic populations are 2.5 to 4 times more likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes. Up to 80% of Type 2 Diabetes can be avoided with small simple lifestyle and behaviour changes.



Vimla Patel, MBE


Vimla of Llandaff in Cardiff has been hugely involved in Voluntary work for the past 30 years, giving a broad range of support to vulnerable people.

Yusuf Rangoonwala


Yusuf is a Psychiatrist currently working for the NHS. He brings to TMR his 10 year background from Mental health and the issues currently facing our society as a whole.

Dr. Sunil Pulapaka


Being a qualified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in CTM NHS Trust, a trustee for TMR and a volunteer for the Regional Minority Ethnic Telugu Community has enabled me to work towards my passion in training, educating and working towards community cohesion, and facilitating mental and emotional wellbeing support to diverse Minority Ethnic communities. 

John Gamblin
John Gamblin


John spent a technical career in Information and Systems Development overseeing and managing large IT systems in the UK, Saudi Arabia and America. Since retiring John has given much of his time supporting charities and organisations involved with art, cycling and local communities. John is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

John Gamblin
Jessica Hooper


Jessica is an Organisational Development Manager at Senedd Cymru, passionate about improving opportunities and experiences in the local community. Following her graduation from Cardiff University, Jessica worked in the NHS for 8 years in a number of roles, most recently specialising in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.



Rajani is dedicated to supporting her family and cherishing time spent socializing with her friends. Beyond Rajani’s professional networks, she actively contributes to her workplace by teaching within the MDT team and collaborating with various specialties. Rajani’s ultimate goal is to advocate for community health and well-being. Rajani is committed to working with diverse populations and addressing workplace inequalities, exemplified by her involvement in initiatives like road shows to aid postnatal mothers with breastfeeding.



Chetna is a prominent figure in South Wales’ immigration law scene, boasting 16 years of experience in the UK legal landscape.  She initially qualified as a lawyer in India in 1992 and later became qualified to practice law in the UK in 2004. Beyond her legal career, Chetna is a passionate advocate for women’s rights, especially within migrant communities in the UK.  She has served as a Board Member (and former Chair) of Black Association of Women Step Out (BAWSO) and is a Trustee for multiple South Asian community organizations. Chetna also dedicates her pro-bono efforts to representing women in family and domestic violence law cases. She holds an LLB degree and an MSc qualification from Cardiff University.

John Gamblin
Joan Simon


Native of Guyana, educated to secondary school, Joan had worked as an administrative assistant in various organisation in Guyana and UK. Joan was engaged in peace acitivies in Bulgaria before she volunteers in various charities and served as a finanice officer and Bookkeeper in MenFa , a charity based in Butetown. Currently , Joan is retired and enjoying her retirement.

Maxine Joseph

Project Coordinator

As an enthusiastic and dedicated individual to the charity sector, she loves anything that brings postive vibes to the community. Having gruaduated with a Masters in  International Relations, she has always been intrigued by different cultures and customs, and the dynamics that has followed within the global community. As local communities gets increasingly diverse, she understands that for a community to progress, communication and knowledge is key.

John Gamblin
Yamuna Gurung

 Project Coordinator

Embracing new challenges, Yamuna embarked on a new career role at The Mentor Ring as Project Co-Ordinator in August 2022. Consequently, she has acquired many new hands-on skills. Conscientious by nature she is proactive in identifying potential issues and finding solutions and this has also been an extremely reliable skills here. Moving forward her goals are to further her knowledge and understanding of the third sector and how to implement them.

Btissam Lahqiqi Telmsani

Support Worker

With several years of experience in working with people from all walks of life, Btissam enjoys being able to provide help and support to people who may need it.

John Gamblin

 Project Coordinator

Having achieved her Master of Philosophy in Bioinformatics, Sangeetha built on her expertise as a Research Analyst. Her role with TMR was initially orientated around project co-ordination where her proficiency in IT and creative abilities became apparent. She is an enthusiastic team player creating clear instructions for new staff members. Now she overees budgeting and accounts which involves financial planning, reporting, ensuring financial accountability and compliance with grant terms and conditions. 


Marketing Coordinator

Siqi is currently supporting the marketing initiatives at TMR. She works part-time, developing TMR’s website and social media.  


Louise Ferriera

Blogger and Bid-writer

Louise writes blogs and articles to appear on our website and other social media sites as well as helping out with funding applications. Louise believes that her self-confidence has greatly improved since she started volunteering at TMR. Being able to utilize her skills in a work environment has made a difference and has encouraged her to look at new career paths that she might not have considered before.  

John Gamblin

Fundraising Manager

Dee worked for TMR in 2014 as an administrator, preparing policies, drafting fundraising applications, coordinating volunteers, and networking to raise awareness about the charity. Since then, she has had various corporate jobs but has learned that charity work is a lot more rewarding and has returned to TMR to help source funding for the organization’s continued success.