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Yoga is an ancient form of gentle exercise which dates back over 5,000 years to ancient India. It consists of different postures and stretching movements using every part of the body. It is designed to increase strength and flexibility, while also relaxing the mind. Evidence shows that Yoga is helpful for people who suffer from chronic joint pain, high blood pressure and even stress and anxiety.
The Mentor Ring runs daily Yoga sessions on weekdays from 9.45 until 10.45, extended every Tuesday until 11.00 for a chance to have a cuppa and a chat. And on Saturdays, the session runs from 10.00 until 11.00. It is our hope that we can help the local community become more active while also helping to increase mental wellbeing. Everyone is welcome, no matter your age or capability.

The session starts with a short prayer. You can choose which words you say whether this be a prayer from the Hindu, Muslim, Christian or any other religion. If you are not religious, you may wish to say some words of your own, such as to give thanks to the world around you, or even your family.
Next, we have the warmup, which increases your body temperature and prepares your muscles for the exercises ahead.
The main exercises vary from low impact postures to more vigorous movements. The vertical cross armed exercise known as the Eagle pose can be done while sitting down if required. And the Cycling pose is performed while lying on your back. Our exercises are suitable for most people, although you may wish to amend the postures to suit your own capabilities.
Whether you are able bodied or you have a disability, Yoga is a great physical exercise which can help you both physically and mentally.

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