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Investing in Volunteers

The Mentor Ring (TMR) has proudly received the Investing in Volunteers award from the Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA), underscoring TMR’s commitment to outstanding volunteer management. This recognition highlights TMR’s dedication to creating a positive and supportive volunteer environment, emphasizing meaningful contributions to the organization’s mission.

The Investing in Volunteers award commends organizations for maintaining high standards in volunteer involvement, acknowledging the importance of effective volunteer management practices. TMR’s reception of this accolade is a testament to its success in implementing best practices, including robust training, clear communication, and opportunities for volunteer development.

This achievement demonstrates TMR’s commitment to continuous improvement and volunteer well-being. As an esteemed recipient, TMR distinguishes itself as an organization that highly values and prioritizes the significant contributions of its volunteers. The Investing in Volunteers award underscores TMR’s dedication to fostering a collaborative, empowering, and mutually beneficial culture between the organization and its volunteers.

We are committed to providing volunteering opportunities for BAME community members within The Mentor Ring’s programmes of activity as well as partner organisations and local community groups. The project’s primary aim is to increase BAME participation in volunteering, offer training to volunteers to enable service delivery and to support the primary goals of the volunteer. This also aims to enhance opportunities for employment.