Promoting a Healthy Community


Promoting a healthy community’ is a year long project run in collaboration with the Bevan Commission that will provide three online ‘chatroom’ sessions with a minimum of three healthcare experts to deliver information, facilitate a discussion and answer questions on a topic chosen by the community itself. We have held sessions like this within the community before focusing on COVID-19 and the misinformation surrounding protection protocol and vaccines. These have been very successful throughout the community. We have also held sessions on mental health and diabetes and would love to be able to extend this further covering health topics that the community itself deems important. This is part of the let’s get cooking sessions we have every Wednesday afternoon at South Loudon Place, Butetown, for the community.

Project Aims

  • ‘Promoting a healthy community’ aims to address the misinformation that the community has received on a number of health issues. Many members of the community receive their information on healthcare through word of mouth or from many conflicting sources. We aim to tackle the abundance of misinformation in the community through using medical specialists to provide educational and information sessions. These sessions will empower the community members to make informed decisions on their health.
  • We aim to address the emotional attachment that many members of the community have with these misconceptions.
  • To deliver these sessions online so as to reach the highest number of vulnerable people and to make it as accessible as possible.
  • To provide opportunities for the community to relay what healthcare advice that they feel they need and then tailor the sessions to meet this demand.
  • To provide opportunities for discussion and to ask questions to healthcare professionals.
  • To provide workshops and 1-1 follow up sessions.

Key Outcomes

Three online healthcare sessions will be delivered over the duration of 1 year. Extensive research and communication within the community will be utilised to decide what topics will be covered within these sessions. Follow up sessions will be held to determine what the community members have learned and how well the information has been received. This will allow us to evaluate the sessions and determine if further support is required.


The misinformation in our community is abundant and often the most vulnerable who are the most isolated and difficult to reach. We aim to run these sessions online so as to reach as many people as possible. COVID-19 has increased the amount of misinformation our community has received and has led to a lot of confusion. Our sessions aim to provide the community with a reliable and trustworthy source of information.